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I take a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving invoking a combination of experiential and academic lenses

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Queen's University, Concordia, Quantic
The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick
Black Opal's Quantum Computing
Pulse Finance AI, Forum
Montreal, Quebec

I want to fundamentally improve how people live their lives day-to-day.

I'm interested in tackling difficult problems that challenge the status quo. When my work is done, I want people to think, work and play differently. Some people become doctors or scientists to make the world a better place. My goal is to craft excellent product experiences that evoke delight and minimize frustration. This is my contribution.

My Specializations

Product Ideation

Leveraging my diverse experiences and education, I excel in product ideation by uniquely connecting unseen dots. Proficient in creative and design thinking methodologies, I consistently generate innovative solutions, pioneering ideas that stand out in the market and deliver value to customers


With an MBA and a Master's in FinTech and numerous finance certifications, my expertise spans across wealth management, automated trading, payment rails, to cutting-edge areas like cryptocurrencies. My holistic understanding of financial technologies, grounded in both education and work experience, enables me to innovate and lead in this rapidly evolving sector.

Solution Architecting

Armed with diverse technological expertise—from quantum computing and blockchain implementation to robotic process automation—I specialize in conceiving innovative solutions. My ability to creatively harness these technologies allows me to resolve complex challenges, using novel approaches to unlock value and drive progress in any industry.

PulseAI logo

PulseAI - Founder, CEO

Empowering early founders with an AI CFO

Stealth Canadian Social Media Company logo

Stealth Canadian Social Media Company - Founder, CEO

Let's change how Canadians discuss and learn about Politics

Caldera logo

Caldera - Angel Investor, Advisor

Safe OTC Escrow system for Physical and Digital Assets

Clincove logo

Clincove - Angel Investor, Advisor

Changinge the way clinical trials are conducted remotely

Arcadia.tv logo

Arcadia.tv - Founder, CFO

Creating the world's first athletic virtual reality video games

Creator.co logo

Creator.co - Angel Investor, Advisor, Web3 Consultant

Envisioning a world where everyone is a storefront

Overtune logo

Overtune - Angel Investor, Advisor

Everyone can be a musician

Enkidoo.ai logo

Enkidoo.ai - Angel Investor, Interim CFO

Democratizing supply chain management and demand planning

Mysa logo

Mysa - Angel Investor, Advisor

Fighting Climate Change, one thermostat at a time.

Hexo logo

Hexo - Angel Investor

The Coca-Cola of Cannabis

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